Corporate rental gets facelift, inside and out

508 East Henry, Savannah, GA

After sitting vacant for years, this duplex receives a complete remodel of a duplex into a corporate rental.

Small, bad lighting and horrible layout, this duplex sat in such disrepair that we couldn’t save anything. We gutted the entire home, and in doing so, ran into a wealth of problems.

 The home at one point had a horrible termite problem that caused significant damage. Every last board had to come out. In the end, it worked out for the best. We set out a new floor plan for both units and picked out off-the-shelf finishes to help curb cost. We updated the exterior with new windows, fresh paint, new roof and landscaping.

Before After

We staged these units for a corporate rental and put the building on the market. It had multiple offers and we sold it within 45 days of hitting the market.

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