Small home gets a sweet makeover

716 W 48th, Savannah GA

This project will always be near and dear to my heart — the Jinks’ house.
Mr. and Mrs. Jinks moved into this home in 1988 and raised their family in it. They loved this home for many years and tried maintaining it over the years.
Unfortunately life moves forward and both Mr. and Mrs. Jinks passed away. I became friends with some of the family over the years and was able to broker a deal between with one of my investors.
The transformation that took place was unbelievable. I believe we would have made them very proud with the updates.

Once we got into the home and developed a new layout, we set forth with demolition.


However, when the demo started we ran into some unforeseen issues. There were termites, really bad wiring, previous fire damage and foundation issues.


Since we were demoing the entire interior anyway, it turned out to be ok. And the whole home was made new again.


New plumbing, wiring, insulation, sheetrock, flooring and fixtures brought this home up to date and code. A few alterations to the exterior and we turned this outdated 2/1 into a fully functioning 3/2.

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